Perfector Nanocurrent Non Surgical Facelift...

What Is Nancocurrent...

Nanocurrent is a cell regeneration system based on the research conducted in London and Oxford Universities after the Nobel Winning Discovery that the cell membrane contains electricity. Nano Perfector utilizes complex waveforms and adjustable voltage to deliver a high definition signal designed to achieve resonance with cellular biological processes. The Nano signal owes its clarity and accuracy to its microscopic size that minimizes resistance or biological "noise". Cells communicate through a number of chemical and electrical processes. The end result of a chemical or electrical process can be seen as a communication signal. The translation of this intricate biological language promises to identify hidden solutions for various physiological events, including aging. Artificially resonating the cellular language unlocks a number of biological processes such as increasing collagen, elastin, cell proliferation, blood circulation and regenerating new tissue.

Expected Results...

The best alternative to plastic surgery. No downtime, no redness, no pain, no side effects. Incredible and instant results! Within weeks, wrinkles will disappear, acne will heal, and discoloration and scars will diminish. The Nano Perfector system is not only dramatic but also long lasing. It increases the rate of speed at which skin cells, elastin and collagen are produced resulting in a corrective and preventative anti-aging treatment. It is able to reconstruct or re-educate the muscle tissue resulting in toning facial muscles giving a firmer appearance to the skin. It stimulates and speeds up the rate at which the body products its won muscle protein and adenosine triphosphate synthesis (ATP) to reduce the aging effects on muscles tissue. It is also able to stimulate and speed up the rate at which the skin products its won connective tissue fibers. The Perfector treatments build new tissue, lift sagging muscles and produce younger looking glowing skin. Within weeks, wrinkles disappear, acne will heal and discolorations and scars will diminish. Perfector's non-abrasive skin resurfacing detoxifies and deep cleanses and provides a superior result when compared to micro dermabrasion.

How Does It Work...

As we age, skin cell production begins to slow down resulting in a build up of dead skin cells, wrinkles and sagging skin. New skin cells are produced in the basal layer of the skin and move to surface over a period of time. As you age it takes longer and longer for the new layer to reach the surface and for the basal layer to produce the new layer. The Perfector transmits a waveform and frequency of electricity into the skin that mimics the skin's own current. The skin cells in the basal layer are stimulated to actually start reproducing as if they were younger. The amount of collagen, elastin and skin cells are all increased lifting and plumping the skin.

The signal also communicates with the nerve and muscle cells to increase the tone of fine facial muscles. Clinical research has shown that the results of the Perfector treatments are not only dramatic but long lasting. The Perfector heals and regenerates tissue, it is a corrective and preventative anti-aging treatment unlike other relative systems such as muscle stimulators whose temporary effect acts as a band-aid in the aging process.

Perfector Programs

A corrective and preventative anti-aging treatment that increases cell oxygenation and improves circulation.

Lymphatic Drainage
Removes dark circles and puffiness under and around eyes by removing toxic waste. Diminishes signs of secondary aging triggered by stress.

Builds tissue and accelerates cell production by increasing fibroblast secretion, proteins and collagen. Works on the nerves and muscle cells to increase muscle tone.

Speeds up the regeneration of skin and muscle cells. Builds new tissue, lifts sagging muscles, removes discoloration, fades scars, heals melasma, Rosacea and acne.

Non Abrasive Skin Resurfacing
Vigorously detoxifies and deep cleanses without thinning the skin. Dramatic results with acne and skin discoloration.

Perfector Pricing

1 Session 45 min. - $135
3 Sessions 135min - $375
6 Sessions 270 min - $600

Receive Results Guaranteed

Results are dramatic in one treatment. With an optimum number of treatments (6-12) and maintenance visits (six to eight-week touch ups) results are permanent. Perfector brings back the elasticity, collagen production, freshness and glow of your natural beauty.



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